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 Strategist & Counselor, Expert Witness In Legal Malpractice Cases

Lee Roth, is a 1962 Cornell law graduate, past President of the Hunterdon County Bar Association, and a past Trustee of the New Jersey State Bar Association. He has been chairman of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law section of the New Jersey State Bar Association and serves as a permanent member of its governing board.

He is an author and frequent speaker on topics of contract, land use, disputes, attorney review of real estate contracts, community affairs registration of development projects, and malpractice in the real estate lawyer and broker fields.

An entrepreneur himself, he has represented business owners and investors as a counselor and an advocate. He has been a bank director. He serves as trustee of trusts and as executor of estates. He advises and assists executors and trustees in meeting their fiduciary duties and in carrying out their responsibilities. 

He has taught lawyers how to handle jury trials and he has represented clients successfully in appeals courts. He has been a member of the Land Use and Banking Law Sections, and has been the chairman of the Specialization, Law Economics, and Public Relations committees of the New Jerssey State Bar Association. He is a founding member of the New Jersey Association of Real Estate Attorneys. He has a Real Estate sales license and has held a Title Insurance license. He has been designated as a "SuperLawyer" in the field of real estate law. 

He has obtained approvals for fast food restaurants, gas stations, telephone towers, supermarkets, and office buildings before local boards, state agencies, and through the courts in obtaining approval for use of property. He has represented six of the largest residential projects in the Flemington area. He has represented and sued local governments.

He has handled will and estate disputes, helped create, finance and transfer business interests, counseled owners in business breakups, and testifies as a recognized expert in legal malpractice  and real estate broker malpractice cases.


He continues to represent clients who are buying and selling homes throughout New Jersey. Such closings and title transfers are a major part of his practice. 

Lee B Roth
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