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Home Sale 

Impartial and thorough legal services to make a home purchase in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

The largest and one of the most important financial transactions in which people engage is the purchase or sale of their home.

Our Service to You

Our service includes conferring with you, and your real estate broker if you have one, to review the above information and review the broker prepared contract or to prepare an appropriate contract of sale. When the contract has been signed, and any conditions relating to it have been met, we prepare advance copies of the necessary deed, affidavit of title, and review the HUD settlement statement prepared by the buyers' attorney or title company. We will provide information to the buyer's attorney so he or she can obtain the mortgage payoff calculation relating to any mortgage encumbering your property, or we will obtain a mortgage payoff statement for you. 

Through the papers you have made available to us, we deal with any questions that the purchaser's attorney may raise concerning the title to your property.

We make certain that your real estate commission, if any, is paid, and that the realty transfer fee is paid, and we attend to the payment of any other liens or obligations encumbering the property out of your gross sale proceeds. You will receive the net proceeds in an appropriate form after deduction of your costs of closing.

Your Paperwork 

If any questions concerning the sale of your home that remain unanswered, call and we will be pleased to provide you with answers.

To serve you properly, we would like to have you deliver to us copies of the following:

1. The deed to your property
2. Your title policy
3. A copy of your survey, if you have one
4. Your mortgage information, including account number,
5. Real estate tax bill
6. Utility bills for sewer or water service
7. Name and telephone number of your oil or propane gas dealer

The Contract of Sale

The Real Estate Sales Agreement or Contract is the basis of your entire transaction. A condition left out, or a requirement overlooked in preparing the contract, can cause you inconvenience or serious financial loss. A condition blocking the sale of your property to an alternate purchaser can leave you at the mercy of a person who is not a party to your agreement. Improper wording can cost you a broker's commission even though your sale is not completed.

Together we can revise a broker prepared contract or prepare an agreement of sale that will properly protect you. We should review with you the deed by which you took title to the property. We should have a copy of your title policy and existing survey to be able to make provisions for proper exceptions to the title in the agreement. You should talk to us about any disclosure statements you are asked to sign. 


Learn how important the contract is when buying or selling a house. Be sure to contact a lawyer early in the process. 


Learn why it is best to close before change of occupancy, and how to work with a lawyer and broker on the timing.  

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Your Closing Costs 

You may estimate the costs of selling your home (your closing costs) by adding the real estate broker's fee payable at closing and the realty transfer fee, which is based upon the price, and which is payable to the County Clerk. There is an additional cost of approximately $75 for each mortgage, payable to the purchaser's attorney, to have your mortgage canceled of record as part of its prepayment. We will quote our estimated fee at our first conference with you and will advise you along the way if there have been any extraordinary events in the transaction to cause an increase. We will disburse each of these amounts for you out of the gross sale proceeds. 

Time Set for Closing

It is important to know that the time for the closing set forth in your contract is not an absolute deadline from the viewpoint of any of the parties to the contract. We like to refer to it as a target or estimated date and acknowledge its flexibility, for either party may find himself unable to meet the exact deadline set. In the event, title closing at a particular time, and on a particular day, is of extreme importance to you we should be told since time can be made of the essence in a real estate agreement as long as the other party agrees and you understand the risks of our doing so for you.

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