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Estate Plan Update

Does your estate plan need a makeover?

A good estate plan is like a mirror: it should reflect your values and your relationships in their highest, best, and most current form. 

Right now, millions of Americans are experiencing dramatic changes in their financial assets, living arrangements, and other life circumstances. Are you one of them?

Simple changes in your life can have a significant impact on your estate plan. For example:

Have you moved? 
Have you bought or sold a property? 
Has someone in your life passed away? 
Has your state of health changed? 
Have you had children since your last will was signed? 

Have any of your children married? 
Have grandchildren been added to your family? 
Have you had any differences with or lost faith in anyone, especially persons you named as executor or to hold your power of attorney, or to make your helth care decisions?

How will those changes affect your legacy? Can you still recognize your best self and the legacy you want to leave in your current estate plan?

Call us [908-782-5317] for an appointment if you would like to review your estate plan and the supporting documents which consist of your will, power of attorney, living will, and medical decision power of attorney. 

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