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Legal Resources

We take pride in helping people and know when a legal referral makes sense. We are part of a 55 lawyer firm that consists of lawyers of broad experience, active in many fields of law practice.  We have a cultivated network of New Jersey lawyers beyond the lawyers that are part of our firm, through our activities in the State Bar Association. Our knowledge and relationships with these associates enable us to be a client-centric firm with focused practice areas. 

For example, I do not directly handle medical malpractice cases. These cases require a high-level of medical knowledge and a substantial financial investment in expert medical testimony to succeed. We defer to excellent lawyers we have worked with and who take on the role of technical language translators and advisors during the settlement process or trial. One of the lawyers in the Helmer firm is a registered nurse, for example. 

I do not handle high-level indictable criminal cases, bankruptcy cases, or express opinions on the sale to the public of business stock or securities when a company goes public. We leave these areas of law to our associates. Here too, we continue to work with our clients to make sure they understand technical communications. I do have available immediately in the Helmer firm very experienced criminal defense lawyers combined with lawyers and staff that speak spanish and languages other than english.

We also know lawyers who focus on intellectual property law to protect ideas and creations through copyright, patent, trademark process, and disputes. Harris Wolin, who has been of counsel to my old firm, is an example.

Our clients are never left wondering or sifting through advertising to find a qualified lawyer.

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