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Lee B. Roth's practice is grounded in 50+ years of service to the everyday person and business people in and around Flemington, NJ and Hunterdon County. Take advantage of his straightforward legal blog posts, videos, and podcasts on this website. Schedule an in person consultation to get direct specific advice.

"A great legal mind and a true gentleman, Lee Roth brings much more to the table than intelligence and experience. His boundless advocacy for his clients and his neighbors help strengthen the Flemington and Hunterdon County communities.  Mark Barbour - Flemington Business Owner, Zoup!"
"I have known Lee Roth for 35 years. He is an extraordinary attorney and human being. Beyond his decades of experience and legal knowledge, he is a man of impeccable character. Paul L. Marciano - Flemington Resident"
"If you are doing business in or around Flemington NJ, "see Lee."Warren Buckleitner - Adjunct Professor, College of NJ" 

Lee B. Roth Lawyer | 91 Main Street, Flemington, NJ est. 1965




A Will is one of several legal documents in an estate plan that comforts and protects loved ones and businesses. We've prepared a checklist to download.  All of the documents must stand up in court to be executed properly.  We prepare and update plans, and we review online DIY plans for legal loopholes.   

Does your contract state clearly what you will receive at a closing? Let us review the contract, discuss options,  inspections, order your title search, and represent you.

When you sell your home, you will not get more than your contract provides. Let us address the issues that come up during the process for a smooth transaction.


We have represented municipal governments, and sub-agencies such as Planning Boards, Boards of Adjustment, and Development Boards for many years.

Land use approvals: you decided to build on a piece of property.  We can navigate the government approval process for you to reduce complexity in municipalities where we do not repressent the municipality. 

An area of practice that I offer at the municipal court level. I also offer, thought my association with other firms, criminal defense for the most serious charges.  We have available experienced lawyers in this field of practice who I can bring to help clients that face serious charges. I offer a free confidential consultation to match a prospective client with the right defense attorney. 


You only have one opportunity to deal with an accident in which you are injured. We hear of many  mistakes where a person did not get proper advice early on.  Talk to us before you talk to any insurance adjuster. Don't say a thing to a police officer or insurance adjuster without a lawyer. Have a claim to make? Talk to us to get advice and plan strategy to deal with your situation.


Do you have a claim to make? Has a business deal gone wrong? Have you been taken advantage of at work, in business, in relation to an estate administration? We can help you evaluate your situation and guide you to a settlement that is to your advantage. We can go to court to enforce your rights if your situations calls for doing so. Get advice from us early for the best and most cost effective opportunity.


Your financial health affects your mental health.  Let us help you through divorce, alimony, child support, property distribution, and visitation rights. We also work with clients on adoptions.  


We have strict personal and professional ethics. We are straightforward about legal fees, and use the latest technologies to deliver the best value for clients.  Expect us to report regularly on progress and return phone calls wth in one day.  


In October of 2018 I joined the Helmer, Conley & Kasselman, P.A. law firm as an Of Counsel lawyer in their firm. My office became the 16th office in their effort to provide service in all parts of the state. That joining with them brought to my clients several area of practice that I have not engaged in as part of my focus. They offered, and still offer, a very strong defense department for clients facing charges brought by the police. Their local government group, which represented local government units, such a planning boards and boards of adjustment, of which I was a part, offered more than I saw anywhere locally.

But even with modern technology, the distance between office was hard to overcome. So as of now my relationship has changed. I am now free to choose what I do, what clients I represent, and the basis on which I do so. I still have the ability to work with the Helmer group on specific matters that are beyond my own usual practice. Their criminla defense lawyers are available to my clients. Their Spanish speaking lawyers are avail to our local clients. But I am not responsible for their work and they are not for mine. We are still friends, just not directly related in business as we were for 2019. 


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