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Lee Roth's Flemington, New Jersey Community Blog

A friend suggested that I share my 50+ years of Flemington, New Jersey history through the eyes of a practicing lawyer on 91 Main Street, an active community member, and the everyday person.

This friend pointed out that treasured memories of events would be lost if one of us did not begin an oral or written record. He reminded me about having had lunch with a now departed friend, a man who during our meal together leaned across the table and asked if I had done all the things in life that I wanted to do.

I spent that afternoon writing a “bucket list." I have since checked some items off and think of my departed friend when I do so. There are many activities on the list to go. This Blog is one.

The friend who suggested this blogging activity talked about who we were, and who we were known to be. We discussed how little people knew about each of us and how little we knew about other people. We talked about technology and how it affected our lives. The ways it caused a speed up in everything, sometimes in a way that may not be good, but sometimes in a way that allowed us to stay in touch and record easily what might have escaped our record of history if we did not have that technology — a good thing. We had both started school before television, before common use of computers, before cell phones, and before every family had one, two or more, cars.

So, first, in this Blog I will tell you a little about me, my roles in life as a lawyer, a student of the Economy, my interest in Banking, my being a Photographer, being a Teacher, a Coach, and my interest in Music. Then I will tell you some stories I have experienced along the way in my many roles in life.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to share and perhaps even learn something in later posts. If you have a special interest in some aspect of Flemington's history, my email address is below.

My best,

Lee B. Roth |

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