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Our Team 

Sandra L. Weiss 


Sandy has achieved her status as a paralegal through working with Mr. Roth since 1981, first as a well qualified secretary and then as a Paralegal. She is specifically delegated substantive legal work, under the supervision of Mr. Roth, and handles a great deal of the logistical work that is part of the real estate transactions, land use, will writing, and estate administration that fall within her area of experience. 

In days gone by she would be a lawyer through the process of "reading the law" that was the basis of many old time lawyers achieving their status as a member of the bar. Today that avenue has been closed to aspiring lawyers, so Sandy is not a lawyer, but instead a well qualified paralegal. 

In each case in which she is involved one or another of our lawyers are ultimately responsible for the work she performs, but through her efforts the cost to clients is well contained because of the lower billing rate applied to her work. 

As with all of our staff personnel, clients find her to be pleasant to work with and responsive to client needs. 

A paralegal, or legal assistant, as defined by the American Bar Association, is a person qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, or law office, who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. Sandy more than meets this criteria. 

Clients of our firm, and lawyers and real estate people we work with look forward to working with Sandy. 

Office Staff

We employ one full time and  one part time staff members who you are likely to meet and get to know as a client of our office, or encounter as a visitor. We also have available a large number of staff, including Spanish speaking staff, in other offices of the Helmer firm of which we are a part as their Hunterdon County office.


Sharon is our up-beat receptionist, the person who often answers the telephone, and is an assistant to Mr. Roth. She often returns telephone calls for him when he is not available and handles his calendar scheduling and appointments.  

All of our staff is here to serve our clients as needed. 

Lee Roth Law Office
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